We Need Balance -- Not Politics -- as the World Turns Upside Down

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Posted on September 29, 2020 by Admin

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The past year has been like drinking from a firehose for most of us, as the pandemic has affected every aspect of our daily lives. Health concerns, school closings, job losses, and widespread anxiety about the tension between public safety and justice, together with the impact of severe weather, have been a lot to handle.


While COVID-19 has taken center stage, however, Connecticut’s serious financial situation has not gone away, nor have critical education, infrastructure, and administrative issues, among others, that remain unresolved. We must manage both the current situation and the state’s recovery by carefully balancing public health with economic and social imperatives. As recovery begins, Connecticut’s continuing fiscal and economic fragility will make building back our jobs, public health, and economy a greater challenge than ever.


Against this backdrop, I’d like to share my priorities.

Scroll down to find them at the end of this message.


No politically motivated agenda will help us get through this singular time period. Instead we will need collaborative, nonpartisan work by independent thinkers with legal and fiscal acuity who are highly sensitive to the needs of their constituents and are willing to develop unique solutions together, working toward a single goal: restoring Connecticut’s prosperity while ensuring that every single resident can count on a future here and has the opportunity to succeed.


I believe firmly that legislators must leave partisan politics outside the Capital door. Your representative’s job is not to serve a political party – but to serve only you. The people of Norwalk, Westport, and Wilton are my priority. If I’m fortunate enough to represent you, my only mission will be to speak with your voice and to deliver solutions that meet your needs. It would be an honor to serve you.


Stay safe and healthy,

Patrizia Zucaro

Approaching the Complex Issues We Face with Balance – Not Politics

My Priorities in Representing You



Local Control of Local Decisions

  • Leave local zoning decisions to local elected officials who are accountable to you, stop one-size-fits-all statewide zoning initiatives

  • Oppose mandate school regionalization, focus on direct improvement of struggling schools

  • Remove barriers to voluntary shared services allowing all towns to save costs

  • Give towns flexibility to regulate locally to protect the environment and open space


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Cut the state’s structural spending by renegotiating state union contracts, reducing unfunded retirement liabilities, streamlining government, optimizing technology, and halting nonessential borrowing

  • Eliminate estate, gift, Social Security, and pension taxes

  • Focus spending on education, infrastructure, and essential social services


Economic and Job Growth

  • Attract new businesses with business-friendly policies – not one-off incentives

  • Set consistent tax and regulatory policies that allow businesses to make long-term plans



  • Secure equitable ECS funding for Norwalk schools

  • Prevent pushdown of teacher pension costs to towns

  • Prohibit mid-year cuts to state funding for local districts

  • Fund special education more effectively

  • After months of distance learning, give districts flexibility with calendars, curriculum, and format to help students and teachers make up for missed learning opportunities


Health and Public Safety

  • Balance data-driven public health imperatives with economic and social considerations to ensure everyone’s safety

  • Protect our most vulnerable who are living in congregate settings

  • Ensure that law enforcement professionals have the means to keep our communities safe while respecting the rights of every individual


Better Government Management

  • Stop passing legislation without adequate public input and committee scrutiny

  • Open all meetings about the use of public funds to the public

  • Hold utility and other regulators accountable to the public

  • Bolster transportation funding by reforming outsourced labor contracts and moving DOT personnel costs to the General Fund

  • Restore essential collaboration and transparency between the legislature and the executive branch

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