Wilton, Norwalk, & Westport




  • Leave local zoning decisions to local elected officials who are accountable to local residents, stop one-size-fits-all statewide initiatives

  • Oppose mandated school regionalization, focus on direct improvement of struggling schools

  • Remove legislative barriers to voluntary shared services, allowing all towns to save costs

  • Give communities flexibility to adopt local regulations to protect the environment and open space


  • Respecting the needs of individual school districts

  • Obtain equitable ECS funding for Norwalk schools

  • Prevent pushdown of teacher pension costs to towns

  • Prohibit mid-year cuts to state funding for local districts

  • Fund special education more effectively to provide the best services to students and families

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Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Reduce the state’s structural spending by renegotiating state union contracts, reducing unfunded liabilities, streamlining government, optimizing technology, and halting nonessential borrowing

  • Eliminate estate, gift, Social Security, and pension taxes

  • Focus spending on education, infrastructure, and essential social services



Job Growth

  • Attract new businesses with business-friendly policies – not one-off incentives

  • Set consistent tax and regulatory policies that allow businesses to make long-term plans

Economic & Job Growth



Public Safety

  • Balance data-driven public health imperatives with economic and social considerations to ensure everyone’s safety during the pandemic and as Connecticut recovers

  • Protect our most vulnerable who are living in congregate settings

  • Ensure that law enforcement personnel have the means to keep our communities safe while respecting the rights of every individual

Better government 


  • Stop passing legislation without adequate public input and committee scrutiny

  • Open all meetings about the use of public funds to the public

  • Hold utility and other regulators accountable to the public

  • Bolster transportation funding by reforming outsourced labor contracts and moving DOT personnel costs to the General Fund

  • Restore essential collaboration and transparency between the legislature and the executive branch

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Paid for by Zucaro for State Representative, Peter Anstett, Treasurer. Approved by Patrizia Zucaro.